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When I think of what makes people interesting, British comedian John Cleese comes to mind.  It takes a great deal of talent to be a consistently funny writer for your whole career and he has done just that. I was

Here’s the job: The Director, Finance and Administration plays both a strategic role in the overall management of the company’s finances ; managing the accounting operations and developing the infrastructure, analysis and processes from finance to office management; including IT

The production of the movie Toy Story was almost halted by one little command.  Here’s the story:  If there ever was a reason to test that the backups are working, this was it!  So, if you really want to

How effective is “cheerleading”? Here’s the unsolicited email: It’s hard not to see that in today’s economic climate, most businesses are suffering with issues concerning staff morale. It could be that they just aren’t motivated enough, lack energy or just

It’s Christmas in Accounting, but we don’t have time for fun. There’s a tax return to file.  There’s a year-end to be done. The payroll must be balanced and the payables accrued. We’d love to stop and party, but we

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This bein’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day me hearties, it be a fine day to remember that glorious day when accountants were in ascendant-sea!  So put a little swagger in yer step, mates, and remember the day! It’s fun to

Accountants have not been treated well by Hollywood.  (I don’t need to perpetuate the stereotype here.  Even non-accountants know what I’m talking about.)  So, it was good to see that the Toronto International Film Festival has a film about an

Dear Donut, Our relationship goes back a long way. I feel like you’ve become a big part of me. You used to be such a treat, but now, I fear you’ve become a bad habit. Three-thirty in the afternoon rolls

“There are no mistakes in the universe, no accidents.  Everything has a reason,” says my friend Alice, an astrologer. Another way to look at it is that every moment, every experience, has a seed of learning and growth in it. 

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This posting appeared in craigslist: Hard Working Energized Accounting Graduate seeking employment (all of GTA) I just want to say that while I am actively encouraging energized accounting, I haven’t actually graduated anyone in this field. It is, however,


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