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If you have ever wondered whether accountants care about a company’s numbers, then read on. Karen was the accountant for a client of mine. She had twenty years of experience, starting as the receptionist and working her way up to

The woman beside me and I were reviewing the financial planning report and looking at the travel expenses entered in their General Ledger (GL) and in my report. They didn’t match. My financial planning report was in a different format

When I think of what makes people interesting, British comedian John Cleese comes to mind.  It takes a great deal of talent to be a consistently funny writer for your whole career and he has done just that. I was

In September 1962, American President, John F. Kennedy, gave one of the best and most inspiring speeches ever made when he said, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing

The Division Manager looked at me balefully.  “Don’t ask me why we didn’t meet the budget. Those budget numbers aren’t mine.  They’re way too high.  I never agreed to that.”  He had a case of the  budgeting blues. If you

How much time do YOU spend doing financial reporting?  For many organizations, the simple answer is “too much”.  As a consultant, much of my time is spent helping companies with their financial reporting system for: Results analysis and forecasting by management, Oversight by

  Nobody likes administration expenses.  And if your organization owns a building, the same thing goes for repair and maintenance cost. Introducing: Narrative Budgeting. Imagine running a church in a small community. Not only does it function as a house of

Whether you’re preparing a report for your Executive Director, your Board of Directors, or a funder – status reports are critical. They show your stakeholders that: You are in control of current situations, You are organized, You are accountable for

Job Description Executive Director:  Someone who does whatever is necessary to deliver the organization’s programs, but doesn’t do it all themself.  When I saw an Executive Director cutting up raw vegetables an hour before the organization’s Annual General Meeting, I

The Dreaded Administration Question Q:  How much does your organization spend on administration? A:  Actually we spend no money on administration at all.  We run our operations from a park bench and send all of our email using the free Wi-Fi


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