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Parents have to be more pragmatic in how they advise their offspring, so students gain the skills needed by business, according to Mark Venning, Chairman of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling, as quoted by the Globe and

Accounting can be lonely.  So much of what we do is by ourselves.  I was at a the finance committee meeting of a charity last week.  We were discussing how much money the charity needs to have on hand as

Where I live, in order to become a Chartered Accountant (the Canadian equivalent of a CPA), you need the following: Courses Hours Financial accounting 15(introductory, intermediate and advanced) Cost & management accounting 6 Advanced accounting elective 3 Auditing 9 Taxation

Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who has seen it all before and is willing to share their experience with you and show you the ropes? Or maybe it would be nice to find someone young and eager to

When you see a new version of your accounting software, does it feel like Christmas or April Fool’s Day? Is your mood one of happy expectation or is your cynical side just waiting for disappointment? Here’s what I saw in

It takes a lot of talent to be a consistently funny writer for your whole career, but John Cleese has done just that. I was a Monty Python fan and watched the TV show every week. I quoted Python skits

AccountingWeb just published the results of a survey by their British counterpart that should be read by Canadian accountants interested in technology. While in spirit accountants might like to get involved with e-business, the reality of their current knowledge and


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