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Budgeting Blues

The Division Manager looked at me balefully.  “Don’t ask me why we didn’t meet the budget. Those budget numbers aren’t mine.  They’re way too high.  I never agreed to that.”  He had a case of the  budgeting blues. If you

Financial Reporting System Weakness – Part 1

How much time do YOU spend doing financial reporting?  For many organizations, the simple answer is “too much”.  As a consultant, much of my time is spent helping companies with their financial reporting system for: Results analysis and forecasting by management, Oversight by

3 Tips on Narrative Budgeting

  Nobody likes administration expenses.  And if your organization owns a building, the same thing goes for repair and maintenance cost. Introducing: Narrative Budgeting. Imagine running a church in a small community. Not only does it function as a house of

5 Steps To A Status Report With C.L.A.S.S.

Whether you’re preparing a report for your Executive Director, your Board of Directors, or a funder – status reports are critical. They show your stakeholders that: You are in control of current situations, You are organized, You are accountable for

How To Get the Most From QB Connect

You know what QB Connect going to be like: the massive hall filled with app developers and accounting technology services, the break out sessions on a ton of different subjects, the inspirational key note speeches, and the huge crowd of

Energized Charity Apps

Software applications (“apps”) are like people:  the more connected, the more powerful!  The hosting of apps on internet servers (“cloud computing”) has opened up a rich world of connected applications that allow your transactions to flow without manual intervention. Invoices

Clarise – Executive Director

Job Description Executive Director:  Someone who does whatever is necessary to deliver the organization’s programs, but doesn’t do it all themself.  When I saw an Executive Director cutting up raw vegetables an hour before the organization’s Annual General Meeting, I

Clarise vs. Admin Expenses

The Dreaded Administration Question Q:  How much does your organization spend on administration? A:  Actually we spend no money on administration at all.  We run our operations from a park bench and send all of our email using the free Wi-Fi

Social Innovation – An Accountant’s Perspective

Social Innovation is about changing systems at their root, about looking at how things are done and making them better, not just for customers, but for everyone. Yet even the most socially conscious system needs financial accountability. My goal is

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HST & Donations – 2016 Budget Changes

GST/HST on Donations to Charities The GST/HST does not apply to a donation if the donor does not receive anything in return. However, if the donor receives property or services in exchange for the donation, even if the value of

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