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Job Description Executive Director:  Someone who does whatever is necessary to deliver the organization’s programs, but doesn’t do it all themself.  When I saw an Executive Director cutting up raw vegetables an hour before the organization’s Annual General Meeting, I

The Dreaded Administration Question Q:  How much does your organization spend on administration? A:  Actually we spend no money on administration at all.  We run our operations from a park bench and send all of our email using the free Wi-Fi

Social Innovation is about changing systems at their root, about looking at how things are done and making them better, not just for customers, but for everyone. Yet even the most socially conscious system needs financial accountability. My goal is

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GST/HST on Donations to Charities The GST/HST does not apply to a donation if the donor does not receive anything in return. However, if the donor receives property or services in exchange for the donation, even if the value of

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Building Client Loyalty in the “Age of Disruption” Even #accounting gets disrupted! Building Client Loyalty in the “Age of Disruption” For years now, we’ve been talking about how our profession is poised on the brink of massive changes, driven primarily

Cloud #Accounting: Save The Environment One File At A Time #Paperless #Office Cloud Accounting: Helping To Save The… Every journey begins with one step. While trying to eliminate your carbon footprint is a lofty if not impossible goal there are

What’s up in apps that work with @QuickBooksCA Online: July 2015 #accounting What’s up in apps that work with @QuickBooks… This QuickBooks apps update includes Avalara, Insightly, Replicon, StockAid, Chrometa, and more! The article What’s up in apps: July 2015

  Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead I have been devouring Sheryl Sandberg’s book: “Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” I have found it exhilarating and thoughtful. She talks about gender equities and inequities

  What QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Can Do for You Reporting and QuickBooks is always a topic of discussion. Clients and accountants alike spend countless hours capturing data, and then spend countless hours more trying to get out the reports they

Hector’s Expense & Class Allocation Trick in @QuickBooksCA – Speed up the monthly JE’s Hector’s Expense & Class Allocation Trick in… QuickBooks Accountant Edition and QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 or above only. This technique is used to “import” expense allocations calculated


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