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This is how a team falls apart: Remove a key player, and the social bonds that keep their friends on the job weaken. Before you know it, you’ve got a group of employees collecting paychecks, not a team working for

When I looked up “Business Management” on the Amazon web site, I was greeted with more than 171,000 titles. How do you decide which ones are worth while? What I do is wait. Most of the management books I read

It takes a lot of talent to be a consistently funny writer for your whole career, but John Cleese has done just that. I was a Monty Python fan and watched the TV show every week. I quoted Python skits

Harry is one of our unit managers. His normally calm, diplomatic voice takes on a sudden energy as he leans across the table and says, “People seem to think that any mission will do. That’s just not true.” Harry has

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How do you work with a volunteer board to develop the Mission, Vision and Values statements for a charity in one day? You engage Fay Booker, that’s how. Last year I was invited to become the Treasurer at Ewart Angus

“What are your business goals? What drives your company?” These might seem to be odd questions for someone implementing your accounting software to ask, yet the answers to them will make a major difference to the success of your new


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