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5 Hallmarks of a Good Financial Planning Report

The woman beside me and I were reviewing the financial planning report and looking at the travel expenses entered in their General Ledger (GL) and in my report. They didn’t match. My financial planning report was in a different format

Financial Reporting System Weakness – Part 1

How much time do YOU spend doing financial reporting?  For many organizations, the simple answer is “too much”.  As a consultant, much of my time is spent helping companies with their financial reporting system for: Results analysis and forecasting by management, Oversight by

They Keep Changing Their Minds

The woman beside me and I were looking at the travel expense in the General Ledger and in the report before me. They didn’t match. My report was in a different format than the GL. I made the comment that

Less Numbers, More Story

Harry is one of our unit managers. His normally calm, diplomatic voice takes on a sudden energy as he leans across the table and says, “People seem to think that any mission will do. That’s just not true.” Harry has

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Turnarounds: 2. Technology Triage

The first article in this series talked about the initial things to do in an accounting turnaround. This one is about the accounting system itself. The first step is triage: determining if the system is good to go, walking wounded

Competitive Edge: Your Accounting System

The Toronto Globe and Mail ran a story about Analytics, saying that a company’s statistics can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Harvey Schachter, the Globe’s “Monday Manager” quoted from Competing On Analytics, a Harvard Business School book

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Nortel Re-Energized?

In the July 30, 2007 Toronto Globe and Mail Report on Business, Mike Zafirovski, the CEO of Nortel Networks Corp, was asked, “What was the old Nortel’s big mistake?” He responded: Nortel used to have some of the best processes

Energizing your GL

Signs your GL needs re-energizing: You have accounts with the letter A after them, e.g. 1200A (There was no room at the inn!), In order to prepare certain reports, someone has to analyze transactions in an account line by line

Clarise vs. the Accountant

Clarise deals with Bob the Accountant’s communication style – with tips about eliminating accounting jargon.

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Re-Energizing an Old System – Reporting

Businesses transform, sometimes daily. Accounting systems evolve. How do you know whether your accounting system has fallen behind the business? Reporting Ask people if they use their reports. A client of mine acquired a small business in northern Ontario. They


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