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Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends. One man likes to push a plough, the other likes to chase a cow, But that’s no reason why they cain’t be friends.                                                              -Oscar Hammerstein (Oklahoma) The Finance and Fundraising

“People don’t show in financial statements.”  The old Treasurer looked at the assembled charity Board.  “You see a building and salaries, but not the people.  When I address you every year, I usually talk about the leaky roof or the

Charity Accountants:  Have you ever watched potential donors read the financial statements of a charity?  Even sophisticated readers can be puzzled by things like fund accounting (“What do all these different columns mean?”), how endowments are treated (“What are all

What do accountants bring to the table for charitable donations? I would like to make the case for a special kind of support, something that will help EVERY charity and something that comes naturally with accounting training and experience. The

The GiveList is a way of helping people without spending money. In their words, Times are tight. We know, we know. We’ve all seen the scary headlines. Too many of the scary headlines. And we’re all feeling the pressure in

“Here is what you should know if you want to get ahead . . . “ Did anyone ever take you aside and say those words to you? Me neither. Yet it used to happen all the time, back when

On Sunday I attended the annual meeting of a church in a well to do part of Toronto where I am not a member. The person in charge of fundraising got up and said that the central church had not


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