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Tucked away in the middle of the Latin Quarter of New Orleans is a hole in the wall dedicated to music. Not just any music, but jazz as it was played way back when. “Nawlins” is full of songs and

Two manufacturing customers were comparing notes as I sat down at the lunch table at Convergence, the Microsoft customer convention. Customer A was considering Microsoft software and Customer B was close to “going live” (i.e. stopping their old system and

Month end again. The normal processes kick into gear as we ensure there is a good sales cut off, the expense reports have been submitted, the banks reconciled and the overseas operations results are ready for consolidation. On the whole,

Agile Software Development has been around since the mid 90’s and is gaining acceptance. If you implement mid-range packaged accounting software, like Microsoft Dynamics, you really need to look at this methodology. It is characterized by: Customer satisfaction by rapid,

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The July edition of PM Network, the monthly magazine from the Project Management Institute, ran a feature on the importance of project management on small projects. When you are building an airport, putting a man on the moon or constructing


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