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Microsoft has three flavours of its Dynamics Accounting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software:  GP – Great Plains, NAV – Navision and AX – Axapta.  A question that comes up regularly is which version of Dynamics to implement.   It’s a difficult

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The software business is full of people trumpeting their software as being the best. At a conference I attended last week, someone waxed poetic about how much better Navision (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is than Great Plains (Microsoft Dynamics GP). This

“Tally 9.0 has been dubbed the most advanced accounting software on the planet.” That claim is obviously more marketing spin than carefully researched fact, but it points to a trap that we so frequently fall into: comparing accounting software as

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Turnkey: it’s a beautiful word, isn’t it? When used to describe accounting software, it conjures up the image of just turning the key in the ignition, hearing the roar of the engine and driving off into the sunset. It’s a

You can buy Microsoft Office from any authorized dealer. When you’re considering accounting software however, half of your time should be spent evaluating the consulting firm. There is a lot of skill involved in fitting accounting software to a company

In his blog, “The Poetry of Marketing”, Jim Behrle asks that immortal question: why switch accounting software? Should your company use a new accounting software program or should you simply just go with what you have? There are many advantages

RFQ’s or Requests For Quotations are the bane of the accounting software industry. They take a long time to prepare, a long time to complete, and I have to wonder whether they improve the process of selecting accounting software at


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