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The art and science of distilling meaningful analytical reports from a combination of sources, including the accounting system

How much time is spent preparing financial reports?  For many organizations, the simple answer is “a lot”.  As a consultant, much of my time is spent helping companies with financial reporting systems for: Results analysis and forecasting by management, Oversight …

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As a small manufacturer, look getting your first order from a giant company like Walmart or Sears can be a dream come true.  But that dream can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the right systems in place. …

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What are some of the biggest headaches in accounting?  I’m sure you have your favorites, but let me tell you about Doug.  I called him last week to see if he wanted to go for a drink, but he was …

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The accountant usually has a feel for what’s really going on. My grandfather’s accountant, Lloyd Smith, had a client in the construction business. While doing the financial statements, Lloyd realized that some of the projects were losing money. The owner …

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