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Parents have to be more pragmatic in how they advise their offspring, so students gain the skills needed by business, according to Mark Venning, Chairman of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling, as quoted by the Globe and

There are many stages a computer system goes through during an implementation.  At first, it is just an idea perhaps starting with frustration with the current system or a sudden new requirement that the current computer (if there is one)

You, the software vendor, are making your pitch.  It breaks down into three sections: Microsoft has amazing software, You are an amazing Microsoft representative, and Here’s how you would address my needs. It’s very logical, isn’t it?  The problem is

This is how a team falls apart: Remove a key player, and the social bonds that keep their friends on the job weaken. Before you know it, you’ve got a group of employees collecting paychecks, not a team working for

When I looked up “Business Management” on the Amazon web site, I was greeted with more than 171,000 titles. How do you decide which ones are worth while? What I do is wait. Most of the management books I read

Accounting versus Operations? Shouldn’t the Accounting Department support Operations? Absolutely. But sometimes, accounting results can lead to the wrong operational decisions. Let me give you a couple of examples: A client of mine sold high grade tool steel in pre-cut


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