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In September 1962, American President, John F. Kennedy, gave one of the best and most inspiring speeches ever made when he said, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing

How effective is “cheerleading”? Here’s the unsolicited email: It’s hard not to see that in today’s economic climate, most businesses are suffering with issues concerning staff morale. It could be that they just aren’t motivated enough, lack energy or just

On page B5 of today’s Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper is an announcement by UBS Investment Bank. It caught my eye because of how glum the three executives pictured appear. The announcement is for the promotions of Jim Estey, Rick

Re-energizing the accounting staff is a major part of re-energizing your system. Here’s a question to ask them: “What would you do if your work took a half hour less each day?” After you weed through the joke answers, you’ll

The president of a Halifax-based company with 17 employees writes to ask PROFIT-Xtra readers: “My company is my baby. I’m very passionate about it, maybe even obsessed with it. It bugs me that most of my employees treat their jobs

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