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In a recent article in the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper, CD Howe President Bill Robson makes the case for reining in the cost of government pension costs.  Here is the article. Bill makes some excellent points. I would only

How effective is “cheerleading”? Here’s the unsolicited email: It’s hard not to see that in today’s economic climate, most businesses are suffering with issues concerning staff morale. It could be that they just aren’t motivated enough, lack energy or just

The Ontario Securities Commission wants to see more women in executive roles: The proposed amendments would require TSX-listed issuers (and other non-venture issuers) that are reporting issuers in Ontario to provide disclosure regarding the following matters on an annual basis:

What are some of the biggest headaches in accounting?  I’m sure you have your favorites, but let me tell you about Doug.  I called him last week to see if he wanted to go for a drink, but he was

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“What are your business goals? What drives your company?” These might seem to be odd questions for someone implementing your accounting software to ask, yet the answers to them will make a major difference to the success of your new


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