Building Staff Morale

How effective is “cheerleading”?

Here’s the unsolicited email:

It’s hard not to see that in today’s economic climate, most businesses are suffering with issues concerning staff morale. It could be that they just aren’t motivated enough, lack energy or just aren’t feeling the ‘spark’ they once did when they first started working for you. This is where hiring a professional public speaker can help. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and can design a customized program for your office.

Simply reply back to this email and let’s set up a time when we can talk. You’ll be surprised at how cost effective our solutions are and how much a motivational speaker can increase your bottom line!

Bob Davies
Professional Public Speaker

Here’s my reply:

Hi Bob,

Have you seen the studies that show the effects of an inspirational speaker can last as little as a single day, or that taking your staff out for one of those team building exercises is effective for maybe a week?  Has it occurred to you that maybe, what really sabotages staff morale is the frustration of having to do the same administrivia and manual work day in day out, when they know there’s a better way?  You know the fulfillment of putting in a good day’s work.  That’s the feeling that will lift staff morale, not just for a day or a week, but for a whole career.  This is where a professional accountant can help and, like you, we’ve been doing this for over 30 years.

Simply reply to this post and we’ll work with your team to design business processes that focus on adding value rather than pushing paper.  The result will be not just a happier staff, but also a better bottom line!

Bill Kennedy
Professional Accountant

1 Comment on “Building Staff Morale

  1. Bill,

    You have certainly raised some good points in response to the email received by Bob. Telling someone they should have a better attitude may or may not help when they know that they’ll have to return to the same rigorous and unexciting task.

    If other employers had more of your thought process they can see a better improvement in their employees morals rather than forcing an unwanted workshop or public speaker on them.

    Tailar McCarns

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