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“People don’t show in financial statements.”  The old Treasurer looked at the assembled charity Board.  “You see a building and salaries, but not the people.  When I address you every year, I usually talk about the leaky roof or the

This blog is all about energizing accounting staff by providing them with the best use of their accounting system. You will be a more productive, more effective team member if your tools save you time rather than getting in the

The only time my father’s employer changed was when his firm merged with another, whereas I have had several employers, including myself. I didn’t plan it that way. In fact, I had every intention of staying with my first employer

Yesterday marked the end of three weeks of grueling cross examination of Gordon Eckstein, the Chief Financial Officer of Livent (short for live entertainment), a company whose founders, Myron Gottlieb and Garth Drabinsky, have been accused of a massive fraud.


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