What Makes You Proud of Your Company?

This blog is all about energizing accounting staff by providing them with the best use of their accounting system. You will be a more productive, more effective team member if your tools save you time rather than getting in the way. But, on a deeper level, even the best tools are not enough to motivate you if you’re not proud of where you work.

I am proud of the work my employer does in disaster relief both locally and globally. As an accountant, I am particularly proud that we can say:

As always with United Church emergency appeals, 100 percent of all donations received will be committed to support relief and reconstruction work for people in need. There is no administration fee deducted. This is made possible thanks to the generous ongoing support of United Church members to the church’s Mission and Service (M&S) Fund. Contributions to M&S allow the United Church to absorb the staffing and operating costs of processing donations for emergency appeals.

The situation in Haiti and other Caribbean countries is serious. Hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and most recently Ike have left as many as one million Haitians homeless and more than 500 dead. Serious flooding was reported in many areas, and the country’s agricultural capacity is again weakened.

The Accounting Department is rarely in a position to save lives, but if we can reduce the cost of administration so that more money is available to the people who can, then we have played a valuable part.

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