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Whether it’s reporting to the Executive Director, the Board or a funder, status reports are critical.  They show that: You are in control of the situation, despite any setbacks, You are organized, You are accountable for the resources used, and

Job Description Executive Director:  Someone who does whatever is necessary to deliver the organization’s programs, but doesn’t do it all themself.  When I saw an Executive Director cutting up raw vegetables an hour before the organization’s Annual General Meeting, I

The Dreaded Administration Question Q:  How much does your organization spend on administration? A:  Actually we spend no money on administration at all.  We run our operations from a park bench and send all of our email using the free Wi-Fi

Culture Shock Picture a charity boardroom, at night.  Around the table sits a group of tired looking volunteers.  It has been a long evening sorting through the charity’s management issues.  Promised funding has not come through, so the financial situation

Welcome to Clarise, a comic strip that explores serious issues about charity management in a non-serious way.  A recent social work graduate, Clarise took a position as the new Executive Director (and only employee) of the Dogoode Foundation.  Follow her

When an accountant or Treasurer finishes their report, are you left with the question, “Was that good or bad news?”  In its quest for precision and accuracy, the language of accountants can start to sound like jargon to the untrained

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Nobody likes administration expenses.  And if your organization owns a building, order the same thing goes for repairs and maintenance.  Imagine running a church in a small community.  Not only does it function as a house of worship, adiposity but

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Clarise deals with Bob the Accountant’s communication style – with tips about eliminating accounting jargon.

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