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If you have ever wondered whether accountants care about a company’s numbers, then read on. Karen was the accountant for a client of mine. She had twenty years of experience, starting as the receptionist and working her way up to

Software applications (“apps”) are like people:  the more connected, the more powerful!  The hosting of apps on internet servers (“cloud computing”) has opened up a rich world of connected applications that allow your transactions to flow without manual intervention. Invoices

Social Innovation is about changing systems at their root, about looking at how things are done and making them better, not just for customers, but for everyone. Yet even the most socially conscious system needs financial accountability. My goal is

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GST/HST on Donations to Charities The GST/HST does not apply to a donation if the donor does not receive anything in return. However, if the donor receives property or services in exchange for the donation, even if the value of

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Yesterday I attended a presentation that included the statement that the Canada Revenue Agency does not allow charities to use cloud computing.  The reference given was the CRA’s Information Circular IC78-10R5, “Books and Records Retention/Destruction”.  (Also mentioned was RC4409 which

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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has received a lot of attention recently.  There are accusations of political interference.  The Federal Government has been accused of using CRA audits to stifle opposition in such areas as the environment and human rights. 

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This wonderful, pragmatic post by Joan Garry says it all.  What to do when you owe more than you have, when you go to the cupboard and it’s bare, when you can’t even make payroll. Accounting figures heavily in the list, of

Even as a professional accountant, I find other people’s budget spreadsheet models complex and difficult to follow.  This article is about simple steps that budget preparers can do to help other people understand how their spreadsheets interact with one another.

Parents have to be more pragmatic in how they advise their offspring, so students gain the skills needed by business, according to Mark Venning, Chairman of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling, as quoted by the Globe and

Nobody likes administration expenses.  And if your organization owns a building, order the same thing goes for repairs and maintenance.  Imagine running a church in a small community.  Not only does it function as a house of worship, adiposity but

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