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Personal professional development is very important for accountants, but have you noticed how often the accounting system languishes, still at the version that was installed years ago?  As an implementation consultant, I would talk to clients about features they were

The Division Manager looked at me.  “Don’t ask me why we didn’t meet budget.  Those budget numbers aren’t mine.  They’re way too high.  I never agreed to that.”  If you are a financial analyst, that quote might be very familiar

We were standing in “The Archives”, looking at twelve-foot high shelves mounted on rollers so that they could be crammed together.  Each one was filled with row after row of filing boxes.  I had just asked the silly question of

Early in my consulting career, an Accounts Payable (AP) Supervisor set me straight.  She told me that AP is all about routine.  Expense reimbursements go out on Monday.  Domestic vendors on Tuesday.  International on Wednesday.  If this new system that

What are some of the biggest headaches in accounting?  I’m sure you have your favorites, but let me tell you about Doug.  I called him last week to see if he wanted to go for a drink, but he was

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