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Even as a professional accountant, I find other people’s budget spreadsheet models complex and difficult to follow.  This article is about simple steps that budget preparers can do to help other people understand how their spreadsheets interact with one another.

Parents have to be more pragmatic in how they advise their offspring, so students gain the skills needed by business, according to Mark Venning, Chairman of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling, as quoted by the Globe and

Whether it’s reporting to the Executive Director, the Board or a funder, status reports are critical.  They show that: You are in control of the situation, despite any setbacks, You are organized, You are accountable for the resources used, and

“Bill, I’m not sure what you’re asking the committee to do with the material you sent out for the meeting.” The man on the phone was the committee Chair and he wanted to be sure he understood what was being

In the March 14th edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail, Wallace Immen wrote the following under the title “Gaffes: Boneheaded ways to blow a job interview”: Other interview-snuffing gaffes included: . . . An accountant who insisted she was

[source] They say that confession is good for the soul. I have a confession to make: I never understood the value of graphics in financial reporting. I never created graphs in Excel. I even thought that it was all just

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