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How much time do YOU spend doing financial reporting?  For many organizations, the simple answer is “too much”.  As a consultant, much of my time is spent helping companies with their financial reporting system for: Results analysis and forecasting by management, Oversight by

In a recent article in the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper, CD Howe President Bill Robson makes the case for reining in the cost of government pension costs.  Here is the article. Bill makes some excellent points. I would only

What work do we actually do? Aligning the charity’s work to its mission. Do all your programs line up with your mission?  For many charities, the answer is “not quite”.  There are all kinds of historical, personal and diplomatic reasons

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How much time is spent preparing financial reports?  For many organizations, the simple answer is “a lot”.  As a consultant, much of my time is spent helping companies with financial reporting systems for: Results analysis and forecasting by management, Oversight

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In today’s Globe and Mail newspaper, a CEO of a major insurance company (Don Guloien – Manulife) and the Dean of a Business school (Roger Martin – Rotman) unite to challenge an accounting rule.  They say that Mark-To-Market is causing

This is an occasional series about the accounting side of business turnarounds, where a company makes a serious effort to get back on its feet. Two things that all turnarounds have in common: high stress and low money. Even if

The Toronto Globe and Mail ran a story about Analytics, saying that a company’s statistics can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Harvey Schachter, the Globe’s “Monday Manager” quoted from Competing On Analytics, a Harvard Business School book

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Clarise deals with Bob the Accountant’s communication style – with tips about eliminating accounting jargon.

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