The Accountant’s GiveList

The GiveList is a way of helping people without spending money. In their words,

Times are tight. We know, we know. We’ve all seen the scary headlines. Too many of the scary headlines. And we’re all feeling the pressure in other ways too. But, still, we want to contribute what we can to making the world the better place. The GiveList gives you ideas and inspiration for just that: ways that you contribute without spending or buying. Or maybe giving while buying and spending a little less than usual.

What a wonderful idea. It immediately got me to thinking about how accountants can help. Please add your ideas as a comment to this blog. Let’s get everyone talking about it!

Here’s my list:

  • Do someone’s taxes,
  • Volunteer at a tax clinic,
  • Ask a local charity if they need a treasurer (if they don’t need one, I’ll bet they know two or three who do),
  • Donate gently used winter clothing to a shelter (OK, you don’t have to be an accountant to do that one),
  • Help a charity set up / improve their accounting system (if you don’t have time to be a treasurer),
  • Coach a Junior Achievement team and teach some kids about business,
  • Hire a temporary student from the AIESEC business student exchange at the time of year when you really need help, so that a local student can get international business experience,
  • Teach someone how to balance their bankbook,
  • Raise money with a marathon, bikeathon, walkathon or any type of thon involving physical activity (if you’re anything like me, it will do you a lot of good!)

2 Comments on “The Accountant’s GiveList

  1. Hi, Bill, this is Allison Fine one of the co-organizers of the GiftList. Thanks for the shout-out and this great list. It’s so important that everyone use their particular skills and passions to support people and strengthen their communities.

    Thanks again!


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