Energizing your GL

Signs your GL needs re-energizing:

  1. You have accounts with the letter A after them, e.g. 1200A (There was no room at the inn!),
  2. In order to prepare certain reports, someone has to analyze transactions in an account line by line (as if they don’t have better things to do),
  3. When creating financial statements you have to pick an account here and an acount there (cherry picking without the pie at the end), and
  4. Transactions are posted to “Other” because there is no specific place for them to go.

Do you feel stuck with a system that can’t be changed? Consider a re-implementation of your existing software. We download all the transactions you need, reformat them given your current needs and upload them into a new company. Then:

  1. Not only will we get rid of the “A” accounts, but we’ll also have space for new ones,
  2. The chart of accounts will be detailed enough to handle all your reports,
  3. The accounts will be in logical places, making it easy to create new reports, and
  4. Every transaction will have a home.

How does that sound?

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