Christmas In Accounting

It’s Christmas in Accounting, but we don’t have time for fun.

There’s a tax return to file.  There’s a year-end to be done.

The payroll must be balanced and the payables accrued.

Serious Accountants at Work

We’d love to stop and party, but we just aren’t in the mood. 

Come on guys, it’s Christmas! Raise a glass and sing a song.

Put away the papers.  We’ve been working much too long.

We’ve got a new proposal that we’d really like to try:

Get the Tax Man a vacation.  Move the year-end to July!

Accounting can be fun!

Remembering Christmases past.  This was the poem I used for my Christmas card in 2000.  As it turned out, neither of my accounting actor volunteers chose the financial path.  My son is now in architecture and my daughter is studying drama.

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