At Long Last, A Sexy Accountant!

Accountants have not been treated well by Hollywood.  (I don’t need to perpetuate the stereotype here.  Even non-accountants know what I’m talking about.)  So, it was good to see that the Toronto International Film Festival has a film about an accountant on a sexual adventure.  Here’s the summary (with thanks to the Globe and Mail):

Jonas Chernick plays Jordan Abrams, a sexually inept accountant/dweeb from Winnipeg who, after getting the heave-ho from his long-time girlfriend (Sarah Manninen), flies to Toronto where he eventually meets Julia (Emily Hampshire), a stripper/lap dancer with a heart of gold, a mountain of debt and culinary ambitions.

Er . . . never mind.

2 Comments on “At Long Last, A Sexy Accountant!

  1. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t realize how sexy accountants really are. After all, I work in the business and have met plenty of other accountants who are passionate after hours.

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