QuickBooks used to be limited to owner managed businesses.  If you sold or purchased from the U.S.A., if your inventory was in any way complex, if you used sales or purchase orders, you would have to upgrade to a more expensive product.  Things have changed.  QuickBooks has grown up and surrounded itself with a group of industry specific independent developers who build their software packages to work seamlessly with it.  Now it is a viable product for all but the larger international companies.  Another big advantage of QuickBooks is that it is so popular that it is easy to find staff who know it.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on training staff with QuickBooks.

You do have to plan a QuickBooks implementation, however, just like any other accounting system.  You need:

  • An account structure that supports your accounting, funding, government reporting and tax requirements,
  • Tested add-on applications (apps) that will work in your industry (and with each other),
  • Financial controls to be sure that all transactions are authorized, without omission or duplication, and
  • Financial reporting that supports good decision making and highlights areas needing attention.

I design new financial systems as well as updating existing ones.  I’ll help you determine if QuickBooks is the right package for you and dive right in to help you convert your history, set up your suppliers and customers, as well as getting your staff going.