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MS-Dynamics-LogoWith certifications in two Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and NAV (Navision) accounting systems and many years of accounting implementation, Energized Accounting can help you with everything from making a change to a report all the way up to a full system (re)implementation.

Services Offered

One Day Assessment

With changing staff and new requirements, accounting systems can get out of date.  Particularly when the current staff has not received formal training in the system, they are unaware of what it can do.  A one day assessment will document how the accounting system is being used.

  • Are the automated features (such as tax calculations and default values) being used?
  • Is there duplicate data entry?
  • Can manual spreadsheets be replaced with automatic reports?


Financial Reporting Redesign

Reporting requirements are getting increasingly complex and more difficult to understand.  We will work with you to design the reporting you need as well as redesigning your system so that the appropriate information is captured in a way that is as easy as possible to pull into your financial reports.


Specific Reports

Do you have a reporting package like Jet Reports, FRx or Management Reporter?  We will update your existing reports or create new ones to meet your changing needs.


Whether it is a full system implementation, adding a new division or just completing the work started by someone else, we are happy to work with you on getting the most from your accounting system.

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  1. I am a C.A. who was hired by this organization in 2008 in order to bring the accounting in-house (it had previously been done- very badly- by the Health Region). We purchased Navision through a VAR in Toronto who purported to have modules for “funds” and for “grants”- both of which were needed by us. Unfortunately, the VAR had mis-represented themselves and did not actually have fund or grant modules. Long story….But we did eventually get a basic version of NAV installed, with a stripped-down version of “fund” (no grant module). This was version 5.1 and support for that has now lapsed. We were told it would cost $30-40,000 to upgrade to the 2103 version of NAV, which we declined. We could not justify the cost, especially since we could see no discernable benefit. We intend to keep using this version until we are forced to change. What are your thoughts about how long we may be able to continue using NAV 5.1 and what we should be planning and budgeting for as a replacement?

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