Lean StartUp

Accounting – RelationshiCharity Operational Modelps – Validated Learning

Plan to succeed, right from the beginning, with a system that can start small and grow as you grow.  We will work with you on:


  • Presentations to raise funds,
  • Setting up a financial structure to support decision making,
  • Budgets and forecasts with clear lines of responsibility,
  • Tracking the costs on each product iteration, and
  • Bookkeeping assistance to keep you up to date.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Follow your beta testers, early adopters and customers,
  • Accept their payments and support cases,
  • Track the feedback and maintain the history,
  • Set up appointments, follow ups and campaigns, and
  • Delegate tasks and set reminders.

Validated Learning (Lean StartUp)

  • Track your progress against goals,
  • Analyze the costs of each iteration,
  • Segregate the different responses in A/B testing for later analysis, and
  • Store your best practices and documentation where it is accessible to the whole team.

We recommend the combination of QuickBooks and Method:CRM for entrepreneurs because they are both successful Lean StartUps.  They understand entrepreneurs.  They keep innovating and growing.  Method:CRM is the most popular CRM for QuickBooks because of its deep, two-way integration.

Contact us and lets get you going lean.

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