Charity Relationships

Charity CRM Left Brain Right Brain
Running a charity is all about managing relationships.  Funders, donors, volunteers, staff and clients have their unique needs.  In the beginning, all of these relationships are kept in someone’s head.  Later, they get added to lists, possibly in a spreadsheet.  Different lists are kept for different reasons:

  • Fundraising campaigns,
  • Donors to follow up with or email,
  • Volunteer assignments to schedule,
  • Clients to track as they advance through the program,
  • Statistics for government agencies,
  • Staff goals and accomplishments for internal reviews, and
  • Progress towards mission goals for Board reporting

There can be a lot of overlap between the lists.  Volunteers can be donors and Board members.  Clients can become donors, etc.  It can get to the point where there are too many places to look if someone gives you a change of address.

But relationships are about more than just lists and activities.  There’s a right brain side to them as well:  collecting stories, keeping the history, building community and knowing what gets people excited.  You need a place to store that information as well.

Let’s talk about bundling both the left brain and right brain sides of relationships into one integrated system.  Software is much less expensive now than it was even a few years ago and cloud computing has brought developers together so that there is a tighter integration between systems.  There’s a system for you.

Contact us and let’s talk about relationships.


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