Where is the Blog Going?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much lately. It’s easy to dismiss not writing by talking about how busy I am. I don’t travel as much any more, so I don’t have that airport waiting room time to compose blog posts. I’m no longer a consultant, so I don’t have the varied clients to provide blog fodder.

All those are true, but they don’t explain the reason.

This morning I came across the blog of “The Bunny Suit Girl“. One of her posts seemed particularly applicable to my situation:

Bitterness at work and blog entries
they really seem to be directly proportional
When I was unhappy at work
I had so much to blog about
Now I’m relatively happy
I barely write a line
No wonder,all those famous poets in Ancient China
most of them had very unhappy career

I am happy with my current position. Before taking it I hadn’t realized how important it is to me to work for an organization that is making the world a better place.

I mentioned before that I will be spending more blog time on not for profit issues. I also plan to turn this blog into more of a column than just accounting software advice.

I would also like to find topics that spur others to add their comments. One thing that has surprised me over the past year is the lack of comments. At first, I took it personally, until I noticed that most accounting bloggers get few comments. So rather than thinking of this as an accounting blog, please consider it as a blog by an accountant and throw in your $0.02!

6 Comments on “Where is the Blog Going?

  1. I always think about how to market an accounting firm online.

    I’ve never seen an engaging accounting website. Do you have any ideas? How can we get general people excited about going to their accountants?

    Maybe something like this law firm’s site?(http://parlaw.com/)

  2. You kindly left a comment on one of my blog postings in March, but I didn’t see it until much later. When I did and checked out your blog, I found it interesting–even though I am far removed from the accounting world. (Although I did work as a temp for one through Office Overload in 1982 for two weeks.) I have been a ‘quiet’ visitor here and look forward with interest to your future blog posts.

  3. Bill,

    I hope this doesn’t mean you’re going away?

    you were one of the first accounting bloggers that I *noticed* when our company started looking for accounting bloggers last year. You stood out, at least to me, because I remember you responded right back after I first reached out to you. And you supported me very early on with Jr Deputy Accountant before many even understood what I was doing – and at least to me that really helped me take my own site farther than I could have without the support and I appreciate that.

    I only wish most accounting bloggers were like you. But it’s our diversity that makes the “game” so much fun.

    you may be right, though I’m extremely happy at work and write constantly? oh well. diversity again, right?

    I enjoy your perspective and look forward to seeing how you evolve going forward. That’s my $0.02. I don’t know how that converts in Canada. =P


  4. Hi Bill

    You make some relevant points. I am new to blogging and just started my own blog to reach out to managers and clerks in the AR, AP & OTC departments. In my 30 some years of working in transactional accounting I find there is a real thirst for knowledge in the nuts and bolts area of these departments. I have spoken at conferences and have done references for software technology that I have implemented and am amazed at how overwhelmed these people are with all the choices of technology out there, while also dealing with the pressures of upper management to trim costs, reduce headcount, etc. They really are looking for some to help guide them. Since you have been doing this awhile I am happy to take any advise you have for reaching a large audience and getting them engaged so that these 3 areas of accounting become automated and specialized and gain the recognition they so richly deserve. Thanks

  5. I call it “the intrusion of real life” when you dont’ have as much time to write out here.

    I have much I could be writing about, and were I to catalogue it all it would be an impressive WIP inventory… but that involves typing more when the weather outside is positively delightful…

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