What Do You Use?

Remember the old saying that the shoemaker’s kids go barefoot? I was reminded of that recently when reviewing my own accounting system. When I first selected it, in 1994, I narrowed the choice down to Quickbooks and Mind Your Own Business (MYOB). I chose MYOB because it had both a Mac and a PC version and I was a bit of a MacHead back in those days.

MYOB could continue to record my revenues and pay my bills, but I started thinking about hiring my son to do some of the mailings, particularly when I’m on the road. I’m currently looking at Net Suite because it is:

  1. Accessible via the web,
  2. Bundled with a web site interface and CRM, and
  3. Aimed at small business and the mid market.

I can use it for myself and offer it as an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV (formerly Great Plains and Navision). I’ll let you know what happens.

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