Switch to Cloud Accounting, but for the Right Reasons

Go to the #cloud for #accounting, but with eyes open and hand on wallet!

Switch to cloud accounting, but for the right…

Google cloud accounting and you’ll likely get a list of articles, apps and consultants promising a better life with a switch to the cloud: save time, save money, make your business better – it’s essentially the best invention since the abacus. Are you switching to the cloud for the right reasons? The fact is a switch to the cloud isn’t always better. The automobile was faster than the bicycle but even today, not everybody needs a car. Sure cloud accounting has a variety of benefits and is in many cases a great solution – however, it’s only a great solution if you know what your problem is. Transitioning to cloud accounting software may mean additional resources from your team and higher costs in the short run as you learn and adjust to…Read More


4 Comments on “Switch to Cloud Accounting, but for the Right Reasons

  1. nice post.. we recently moved to a cloud based audit management software to avoid the compliance risks.

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