Sound, Practical Financial Advice From a Bank??

A round of applause to the bank president who wants the Federal Government to reduce the maximum mortgage limit from 30 years back to 25. (I guess he doesn’t realize that he could order his own people to do just that.)

Without getting into a bunch of financial mumbo jumbo, I look at it this way: you get the big mortgage when you need the space for a growing family. With the cost of university education being as high as it is, you need the mortgage paid off by the time the kids go there. A 30 year mortgage leaves you caught in a financial squeeze.

Unfortunately, bank employees don’t talk in those terms when you sit down to negotiate your finances. They tell you that you can afford a bigger house with a 30 year mortgage. While not technically a lie, it is hardly a responsible practice either.

So, Mr. Clark, put your bank where your mouth is and give your young customers solid, practical financial advice. You don’t need Federal Government approval for that.

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