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A few years ago I was at a boat show where there was a little catamaran (one of those fast, two hulled sail boats) with a big sign reading, “Self Righting”. Well, I know that when catamarans tip, they tend to go completely upside down. There’s no way they will right themselves. So I walked up to the salesman and asked him about the sign. “Simple,” he says, “You can right it yourself.”

I was reminded of that salesman when I saw the press release by Technology Group International proclaiming Self Implementing Software.

Designed to hedge against project delays, budget overruns, and overall failures, TGI’s new Self Implementing Software is an ideal solution for small to mid-market companies.

How did they accomplish this amazing feat? They created project templates, tools for tracking costs and online training resources. While I applaud them for their ingenuity, these are hardly new tools. I also fail to see how this software will tackle the major challenges of software implementation, such as:

  1. Designing an effective accounting structure that meets current reporting requirements and allows for future growth,
  2. Addressing the inevitable gap between client expectations and what the software actually does, and
  3. Scheduling the resources so that the implementation is accomplished on top of the accounting staff’s other commitments.

It looks like I still might have a job after all.

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  1. Funny thing how marketing makes things appear as new. For the catamaran or the software, that’s only packaging! You take the same, you change the label, add a catch phrase, and here you are!

    For the catamaran, all of them are “self-righting”, where “self” means “the user”. Of course it’s the user who has to turn it up! Otherwise, who else? You will not call CAA!

    Same thing for the software, the self is still the user, or mister Bill Kennedy! 😉 … and by the way, templates exist since (or even before) office 97…so nothing really new! And for te online training, that’s just a little mutlimedia change for the good old help file or the training book.

    So, for now at least…the revolution is only in the mind of the marketers…again! 😉

    Thank you for the post Bill!

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