It’s Nice to be Recognized

Today’s email contained a nice surprise:  a message from Bisk Education, a CPA preparation school in Florida.  Grant Webb, one of Bisk’s learning facilitators, had this to say:

Our accounting students as well as myself have been following your Energized Accounting blog and have used your content in our classroom discussions. Most recently, we discussed your post on “Habits of Successful Accountants”. This post was highly relevant to our topic of the day.  Thank you.

As we train our accounting students to become CPAs, we often search for scenarios online to supplement our classroom discussion. Your post was exactly the type of information our CPAs in training use to build a more well-rounded knowledge base and understanding as well as preparing to be successful as an accountant CPA.

 I don’t get much fan mail, nor do I get a lot of commentary on my posts (a subtle hint to Bisk students!), so it was nice to get this recognition.

 Thank you, Bisk Education!

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  1. What a wonderful honor to get this type of recognition from a school. Your blog does offer helpful information and advice, keep up the great work and enjoy the kudos from Bisk.

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