How big companies can innovate – McKinsey & Co.

Good ideas occur in big companies #LeanStartup has great strategies for creating a sandbox

How big companies can innovate – McKinsey & Co.

InterviewHow big companies can innovateWho says innovation is only for start-ups? In these interviews, the heads of three large, established companies—Intuit, Idealab, and Autodesk—argue there’s no reason big players can’t develop the next big thing.February 2015 It’s almost conventional wisdom that innovation springs from developers and entrepreneurs based in start-up hubs such as Silicon Valley. But in the following video interviews, Intuit cofounder and chairman Scott Cook, Idealab founder and CEO Bill Gross, and Autodesk president and CEO Carl Bass contend that large, established companies can also make innovation a priority. They discuss why a company should be prepared to spend money on big ideas, how it can remove…Read More


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