Getting to Phase II

Remember when you first installed your accounting system? Remember how the implementation team wisely left the “nice to haves” out of the project as they wrestled with customization, training and data conversion issues? How many times did you hear, “Let’s leave that to Phase II”?

Did Phase II ever happen? If you just answered YES, then congratulations! Many systems never make it that far.

What am I talking about?

  • The digital dashboard that was going to show all your key performance indicators automatically, all in one place.
  • The customized financial reporting that was going to put the power in the hands of the end users.
  • The add-on software tailored to your unique industry.
  • The automated integration which your system currently handles manually.
  • The cool new software that would make sales analysis a snap.

So what happens?

  • Software and data issues chew up the budget for the whole project.
  • Delays push the project up to its deadlines.
  • The project team goes on to other projects.
  • People put in so much overtime that they lose their energy.

The result is an accounting system that processes transactions and reports results, but is missing those things that made it so attractive to begin with.

My message to you is: Don’t abandon your dream!

Go back to the original plan. Be both cheerleader and slave driver, but get it back on track. This blog is devoted to getting the most out of business systems. Don’t settle for less than the best!

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