Cloud Accounting: Helping To Save The Environment

Cloud #Accounting: Save The Environment One File At A Time #Paperless #Office

Cloud Accounting: Helping To Save The…

Every journey begins with one step. While trying to eliminate your carbon footprint is a lofty if not impossible goal there are small things every individual can do to improve the world we live in and leave a sustainable planet for our children.Environmental benefits of cloud computing While cloud computing may not seem all that eco-friendly at first glance, a closer look reveals a number of benefits. A six-month study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University with funding from Google has found that moving common software applications used by 86 million U.S. workers to the cloud could save enough electricity annually to power Los Angeles for a year.Virtual Meetings Can Save Time, Money and the…Read More


6 Comments on “Cloud Accounting: Helping To Save The Environment

  1. It’s a better way to do accounting and bookkeeping. Instead of this i want to force to say that it’ll reduce paper work,time and money. By cloud accounting environmental benefit is an another advantage.

  2. This post is suitable for accounting software packages, How to solve their issues so,this post having relevant information, and have look in to this blog here we get best tips for your requirement and very useful to us.Thank you for the article.

  3. It was indeed a good read. Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts with us. Totally agree with your views. And, I wish to add a few more points to it.

    1) Cloud Accounting enables you to
    2) Access your accounting and financial data at any time using internet connection.
    3) Avail 24*7 customer care support
    4) Have a storage of backup data online
    5) Centralize the data

  4. I prefer to apply technology in my work. Not every business have the capability but you can apply it in several ways to reduce cost. For example, I use a workbook that help me to track de accounting and my budget, also my customers, sales, production, and other things. You can try it here if you want:

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Carlos! Excel is an awesome tool. It is very flexible and you can build complex financial models with it. But it’s not an accounting system. It doesn’t do a good job of handling transactions or ad-hoc reporting. With the low cost of accounting systems now, you’re far better having a dedicated system for recording the sales, paying the bills and tracking payroll. Then use Excel for what it does best: analyzing the results and planning the future.

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