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CGA Magazine, the voice of Canada’s Certified General Accountants, has an article encouraging accountants to blog. If you’re an accountant, you should read it (not just because it mentions this blog as a good example!)

If you’ve got something to say about accounting or, even better, a specific area of competency within the industry, having a blog will help establish your name online, and in a profession such as public accounting, getting your name out there is important for your career. Personal public relations should involve offline networking as well as an online component. Blogging will allow you to meet like-minded accountants from around the world and gain useful contacts.

But before you rush over to blogspot or wordpress to start your free blog, think for a moment whether you have the time and energy to write at least one article a week indefinitely. Business blogging is different than personal blogging. Each post should be carefully written. Blogging is easy to start but difficult to maintain.

Another difficult part of blogging is finding readers. Be prepared to promote your blog, i.e. find web sites and other publications willing to mention your work.

A good solution is to get one or two other accountants interested in writing about the same subjects as you, so you can share the load.

3 Comments on “CGA Magazine – Accountant Bloggers

  1. Look at that shout out! Awesome!

    You make an excellent point. I think more firms should encourage this but maybe I look at it from a different perspective because I’m official blogger for Roger CPA Review? Working on Jr Deputy Accountant and Roger’s blog go hand-and-hand and thankfully my CEO gives me the freedom with both projects to speak my mind and express myself.

    Twitter has been an exceptional source of traffic for me – probably because the “accounting crew” is such a small group of very dedicated individuals. There are CPAs and CAs floating around on Twitter but there is a distinct network (you, MACPA, Francine, Dennis, me, Dave from KPMG, etc) and oddly enough, most of us maintain blogs on our favorite subject. That makes a huge difference.

    I hope to see more accounting blogs in the future – I see tons of CPA exam candidates who blog but it’s more of a personal diary thing than anything else.

    But then again, someone’s got to blaze the trail!!

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