Budgeting Can Be Beautiful

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to charities.  Budgeting is always tough.  There are always more worthy programs than the organization can afford to fund.  Expenses tend to rise faster than revenues.  It is a very rare donor who says, hmmm, the cost of living has gone up 2% this year, so I’ll increase all my donations by at least that amount.

But sometimes, something beautiful happens.

At one of my clients, the Executive Director asked the staff for their wish lists, i.e. what they would do if they had a little more money.  The ideas that came in were beautiful.  None of them was expensive:  a coffee urn for participants that actually made coffee instead of having to be filled from smaller pots, sheet music for the music program, bus tokens for people coming a long way to the sessions.  We liked them all, and resolved to try to find room for them.

But there was one that stood out, that we just had to do:  $1,000 to buy clean underwear for people using the clothing bank.

That one we definitely had to do.  Everyone deserves a fresh pair.

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