StartUp Charity

Apply Entrepreneurial Techniques to Charity Innovation

Charity Operational Model

StartUp Risk for Charities?

Internet startups operate in a climate of risk.  They have an idea good enough to get seed funding, but will anyone actually buy it once they have put all the effort into development and marketing?

Eric Reis’ book, The Lean Startup gave internet entrepreneurs a tool that allowed them to experiment quickly and cheaply, so that they could find a winning combination before the money ran out.

Charities Face High Risk Too

Will funding be renewed?  Will you be able to fundraise once the initial grant has run out?  Will existing donors renew their support?

Charity Innovation

There is a lot of pressure on charities to:

  • Adopt new technology
  • Implement new research
  • Follow government initiatives

All the while

  • Making the best use of each dollar.

If you work in the charitable sector and you want your staff to get enthusiastic about innovation in spite of all the challenges of learning technology, adapting research to your unique circumstances and making sense out government policy, or even just convincing your own Board of Directors, then let’s talk.

We will help you create a safe environment for testing, measure the results of those tests, track the finances and deliver reports that validate your results, whether to the management team, the Board or external funders.

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