5 Technology Innovations Supporting Outsourced…

Full time accounting jobs are disappearing in the mid-market. Get your #consultant hat on!

5 Technology Innovations Supporting Outsourced…

Posted byDennis Najjar on Fri, Feb 20, 02015 Effectively outsourcing bookkeeping requires a significant amount of transitioning to electronic and cloud-based systems. If you’ve been heavily reliant on paper reporting, hand-keyed entry and snail mail invoicing, making the transition to outsourced bookkeeping will change all of this. In part because it is simply more effective to automate your accounting systems and also because engaging with an outsourced provider is a fundamental part of improving business processes, embracing accounting technology is an important step. Rest assured however, that technological innovations across the board have gone to great lengths to support outsourced bookkeeping. 1. Expense Tracking Apps Whether…Read More


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