10 Quick Accounting Resolutions

My clothes closet is filled with shirts and pants that have shrunk on the hanger so I can no longer wear them. It was a struggle just to find space for the shirts I got for Christmas. The shirts are so compressed that they get wrinkles on the hanger. Yeah, I know. There’s a simple answer to my problem: just weed through the old clothes and drop them off to Goodwill. In fact, if I had had a little forethought, I could have kept my closet up to date with a little maintenance each time I found a shirt that no longer fit.

Clothes closets are not the only storage places that lose their usefulness without a little maintenance. Accounting systems fall into that category as well. The problem with both closets and accounting systems is that if the maintenance hasn’t been done in a while, the problem can appear too big to handle. You keep putting it off until you have the time, and somehow you never seem to have the time. Here are 10 quick tips that you can do without spending a lot of time.

  1. Find out if your software is up to date.
  2. Have lunch with other managers — find out what their issues are
  3. Set up appointments for staff reviews
  4. Pick a spreadsheet to replace
  5. Change account structure to reduce manual reconciliation time
  6. Join a user group of people with the same software in the same industry
  7. Attend a departmental meeting in another department
  8. Make a list of pain points / time wasters
  9. Find out what’s new with your software – MS Office integration
  10. Schedule some PD.

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